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Event App & Live Tracking

Our SportsTiming / SportSplits Tracker app is a downloadable app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, supporting hundreds of thousands of competitors for multi-sport events worldwide.

SportSplits Tracker was developed by, the developers of the app of choice for the world's most iconic races.

The benefits:

Live map tracking

Live Map tracking of athletes for spectators and participants through traditional chip-timing technology.



Real-Time tracking of athletes through predictive and live timing data.


Leaderboards by any combination of gender, category, country, team or any other combination of an available dataset can be easily setup and displayed in the app.


View tracked athletes through an interactive 2D map, or bring your course to life with 3D mapping. Featuring your course's iconic landmarks with the ability to promote points of interest such as Aid Stations, Water Points, Toilets, etc.


Live push notifications of your tracked athletes as they pass milestones and timing points along the course enables spectators to follow their friends and family at a glance.

Marketing spots

Promote your partners, sponsors and affiliates through Ad Spots, Push Notifications, Messages and badges.SportSplits Tracker contains many functions and features to enable your race to provide real-time tracking of athletes, promote sponsors, partners and services.


Race information

Race Information is for sharing event information relevant to your participants and spectators. You can upload your own icons and provide tiles for each section. Some example uses for Race Information include: Expo Details, Live Video Feeds, Social Media Links, Event Websites, Athlete Guides, Public Transport Info, Recommended Travel and Hotel information or any other custom content.

Ad Spots

Ad Spots give you the ability to feature your event partners and sponsors and promote your supporters. Powerful analytics tracks clicks, impressions and average time viewed, available live to ensure optimal participant engagement as well as post-race to ensure future planning and sponsor reporting is met.


Event Messages can be sent as broadcasts to participants and spectators using the app. The messages will appear in the app under the 'Messages' navigation, and can optionally be delivered as Push messages to smartphones. Messages can include links, promote expo vendors, or push important or urgent event information.

Finisher badges

Finisher Badges are an eye-catching, visual representation of each participant’s performance that can be shared on social media or downloaded as an image. Simply enable badges and our standard Finisher Badge becomes available in the app after the participant completes the event.

Remote racing

Real-Time Remote Racing™ of athletes through GPS technology.


Remote racing

Supporting Real-Time Remote Races™ for athletes to compete live, anywhere in the world with all the existing features of the SportSplits Tracker, Live Map Tracking.

Personal course vs. Race course

Comparison of an athlete with a side-by-side view of their own route vs. the actual course route enables your remote racers to feel engaged regardless of their location in the world.


Course completion and split upload is simple, live and automatic without any need for athletes to upload Strava, Garmin (or similar) files post-race.

App analytics

Post-Race Analytics to enable your sponsor and partner reporting, understand usage and tracked athletes.

Visitor statistical data tracked includes user's country, city, athletes tracked, notifications sent and many other datapoints.

With the ability to monitor course density, splits passed per minute and varying other combinations of course analytics, the SportSplits Tracker backend allows you to use powerful visual analytics to assist you with future planning for your event.

The Right Plan for Your Event

SportSplits Tracker was developed by, the developers of the app of choice for the world's most iconic races.

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